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Gingers story

Upcoming surgery

Gingers story

Ginger’s Home

February 25th, 2010 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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Ginger joined the Tripawd club this passed Tuesday, 2/23/10.  She had her left rear leg amputated, and we brought her home today.  ( Shhh…We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t tell Ginger that she doesn’t have that leg anymore, because we really don’t think she knows it’s missing!)   Since the surgery on Tuesday, we have been getting updates from the doctors and staff, about how well she is doing.  I decided that I would take those words with a grain of salt.   Their ‘doing great’ might not translate so well to us since we have never been through this and have no idea of what ‘great’ means for a post-op Tripawd.   Even the people at the front desk were excited when we entered the office to pick her up today.  Fast forward through the questions and answers, and the discussion of meds… when they brought Ginger into the room, it was as if nothing had happened to her!   It was amazing!  Okay, her gait is a little hoppier now, but she plowed right in there and buried her head in Daddy’s lap, and flopped down on the floor intent upon a good ear rub and belly scratch!    After 5-10 minutes of chilling there on the floor while we  went over the care details and the doctor explained what is what, and what to expect, we told her that it was time to go, and she popped right up on all 3, and off we went!  Lots of people have been telling us that Ginger will amaze us, and you were right…we are amazed.

We got home.  She bounced through the snow to get to her normal potty spot, squatted and did her thing.  I was kind of worried about some steps leading down to the patio…she wasn’t.  She didn’t hesitate – she went right down.  She came inside, got her treat and has been resting and sleeping since then.   She’s glad to be home, and we are glad to have her here.

Overall, this bone cancer experience has been stressful.  I have said so before, and probably will say so again, we deeply appreciate the support of those on this site.  Posting your experiences, asking questions, and just sharing your feelings with others who are riding on the same roller coaster as you are is just so helpful.  The support on this site is just incredible.  So with that in mind, I will share one more thing that I was not prepared – the mess.  (my husband may have neglected to tell me this info that he got from the doctor…) Ginger has a drain that allows fluid to exit the wound area.  (I haven’t seen it mentioned here, and I don’t know how common it is)  I knew that she would have a drain, but I didn’t know that there wouldn’t be something to catch the drips.  We are going to need to be diligent about cleaning her up and cleaning up after her.  I’m glad we went with cheap area rugs to help her with traction on the hardwood!  It usually leaks when she gets up and down, and isn’t so bad when she is just walking around.  She gets the drain removed on Monday, so I think we can cope till then!

So far, we are happy with our decision.  No regrets!

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  • GerrysMom

    Yay! Welcome home Ginger. Enjoy the snow – but not too much! Take things easy for your pawrents’ sake. Plus, the more helpless you act, the more they’ll spoil you. Good plan, huh?

  • Kami (Mackenzie's Mom)

    Isn’t it so amazing? So happy to hear that Ginger is doing so well after her surgery. Mackenzie who is a golden had her front leg amputated on Nov 5th. The first two weeks of recovery were pretty rough but it was definitely the best decision we could have ever made. Your story made me think about when I first saw Mackenzie after her surgery – she was able to get up and hop – which I thought was a complete miracle. I now had tears of joy instead of all those tears of sadness prior to her amputation. It was such a wonderful feeling to see that she came out ok. No regrets for sure!

  • jakesmom

    Heal quickly Ginger!!! Sending you a big fat hug!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  • anyemery

    Welcome home, Ginger! We’re so happy that all seems to be going so well! Make sure to get plenty of rest, and don’t forget to remind your pawrents that you should get some extra treats as well. 🙂
    There are sometimes some ups and downs the first 2 weeks… so stay pawsitive and you’ll be through it before you know it. We’re pulling for you!

    Lots of hugs,
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  • maggie

    Wow Ginger!! You sound like you’re doing great! Keep it up girl for the next couple weeks 🙂 Rest up though…and look pitiful sometimes so you can get some extra treats like Holly said !

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  • Opie

    Hi Ginger!
    OMD! My mom was smiling when she read your post. She said it made her so happy, because it made her remember when I dragged the V-E-T through the door to get to her and my Pop. I was so happy to see them. You know how it is. They leave ya and then you start thinkin’ they are never coming back. I don’t know why I think that because they have always come back.

    About the drain thing. I didn’t have a drain, however, I developed a seroma (a big sac of fluid) under my incision and one night it split open a small part of my incision and came pouring out. You want to talk about a mess. Yikes! Mom took me to the V-E-T and he said he could put a drain in, but he preferred to just let it seep on its own. I hate to break this news to your mom, but I drained for a good three weeks. So much, so that my stitches only came out after three weeks instead of 10 days.

    It’s okay though, the number of laundry loads will just have to increase for awhile. Hooray though! You are home! You are mobile! And you are happy!

  • jerry

    Ginger, girlfriend you rock! This is great news, we’re so glad you’re home and hopping around in all your Tripawd glory.

    Well, a drain huh? You know, it’s not really that common here but it’s not unheard of. I think some vets just take precautions and put one in because most times we actually do get what’s called a “seroma” (i.e., gross leaky fluid at the surgery site). While most often it just gets re-absorbed into the body, sometimes it doesn’t and with it not having anywhere to go, collects in one spot and just makes us feel crappy until the vet drains it. So your vet is probably just being cautious, which is great. That’s pretty gross though about it leaking everywhere. Eeeewwww!

    Keep up the pawesome recovery Ginger. You’re an inspawration to the world now. We love you.

  • rosiesmom

    I’m glad you have no regrets! It was encouraging to me to hear about how well Ginger did after her surgery this week. I am trying to decided on amputation for my Rosie Girl, 12 years old. She is a Golden. She had strong radiation last Sept to kill the cancer, but her bone developed a hairline fracture that she’s been limping with thru chemo. They say they can’t find any cancer in the xray, but they think I should go ahead and amputate since she has the fracture. It’s been 6 months and it feels like we’re starting all over. But I’m happy to hear story’s like yours because we were so trying to save her leg, now we have to realize that amputating her leg will give her a better quality of life without pain!!! That is the important thing RIGHT?
    Hope your next 2 weeks will go well. They say that is the hardest the first 2 weeks. We’ll be going thru this in a couple of weeks too.
    Best Wishes, Rosie’s mom

  • Carmen

    Well done, Ginger! Glad the surgery was uncomplicated and happy she’s home where she belongs!

    And well done, Ginger’s parents. Hang in there, all of you. Good luck on the next two weeks. I’m confident she’ll do as well as Catie! You’ll find yourself wondering on some days what all the pre-emotional agony was for…

    Special best wishes from Catie and Riley! Sending good thoughts and tail wagging your way.


  • Tehya's Mom

    We to go Ginger! It sounds as if you are doing awesome..we Tripawds are truly amazing aren’t we! I wish you good health for a long time to come!


  • Tehya's Mom

    oops I meant Way to go Ginger…obviously spelling and grammer aren’t my strong points!

  • cometdog

    I’m pulling up the rear…but I want to say Congrats on your successful surgery!

    I’m what they call a “natural tripawd”. I’ve never had an amputation so I can’t answer any questions. (Unless you pay me, then I can make up stuff! heehaw!)

    Rest up, my friend! We are going need you in tip-top shape…I’ll tell you why later when you are healed!

    Best of luck on the rest of your recovery.

    Cool Cat Comet – my stage name

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