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Gingers story

Upcoming surgery

Gingers story

Surgery scheduled for Tuesday Feb. 23rd

February 17th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello all.  Our Golden girl Ginger is scheduled for an amputation of her left rear leg next Tuesday because of bone cancer.  Like everyone else, we are struggling with the whole decision. Our problem is that Ginger does not seem to be in pain.  She went on pain meds about 3 weeks ago and she is running around like a puppy!  She just LOVES all the snow we have out there now.  I know she is in pain though so it is the right decision.  I also worry that she will hold it against us.  I know I am putting human emotions on her and I’m trying not to, but it’s hard.  We would love to hear other’s experiences with this whole process.  Ginger is a golden retriever who is not even 6 years old yet, so this is hard to take.  I am trying hard to be the Alpha for her and we will get thru this I am sure.  Looking for words of advice, what to expect, etc.  Thanks to everyone.

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  • keepsmiln1818

    I too fear amputation but have found wonderful support on this site!!! My Golden Henri is scheduled for front limb amputation tomorrow due to Osteosarcoma and he is 11!!!!

    I think Ginger will be vibrant through all of this,….she is still young!!!

    Just keep reading other stories on here and pray, your answer will come to you!!!!

    Thinking of you guys!

    Wendy ( Henri’s mom )

  • Francine (Kaylee's mom)

    Today our precious Kaylee had an amputaion of her front right leg. She will be two years old next month. This all began about six weeks ago when she started limping and things went down hill from there. X-rays showed she had Ostesarcoma. I’d have to say for all of us and especialy for Kaylee it’s been a journey of many emotions. You couldn’t want for a better dog, she’s one of the best campions you could ever have. We are praying that we made the right decsion for her sake. A couple days and she will be home, and soon pain free. She is a beautiful choclate lab.
    Good luck to you…and God Bless you through this.

  • majorbubbatank

    Major had his left front leg amputated just over two weeks ago due to a soft tissue sarcoma and I, too, had my reservations because he wasn’t limping and seemed blissfully unaware of the growing mass on his elbow. I had to be reminded occasionally that this was the best way to KEEP him comfortable for longer. I’m sure you’ve read all of the accounts regarding how rough it is on us pawrents during those first two weeks but you will be AMAZED by how quickly your baby forgets that she ever had a fourth leg. Be strong for Ginger and try not to let her see you cry. She’s happy to have today with you.

    Rachel, Major, Dusty, and Balou.

  • admin

    Welcome, and thanks for joining! Nice chatting with you earlier. Best wishes to you and Ginger for a perfect procedure and quick, complete recovery.

    Please remember that dogs are incredibly adept at hiding their pain – until it’s too late – and that they are amazingly resilient creatures. It’s us people who have a more difficult time with things like diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

    FYI: Many members have found the book Without Regret to be very helpful in coping with the difficult decisions you’re facing for Ginger.

  • luvmaggie

    Our Maggie had her right front leg amputated due to soft tissue sarcoma as well. She didn’t show any signs of pain. The sort of blessing in disguise was that she actually broke her leg while running and jumping off a little hill. We would have never known that she had cancer if she hadn’t broken her leg. It is probably better to remove the leg before it gets too frail and break as that’s what the Dr. told us would have eventually happened. She is doing really well without her leg and seems to be back to her old self. You are making the right decision. Hang in there, as we know how hard it is to see our babies go through this. But we are here for them and they are SO receptive of that. Looking forward to hearing of the best recovery.
    from Luvmaggie’s mom.

  • Opie

    Hi Ginger’s folks.

    You are going through the same emotional roller coaster all of us tripawd pawrents have ridden. Don’t beat yourself up. Dogs live in the moment and I don’t think they connect us with what happens to them at the vets office.

    I had a really hard time deciding whether to keep my 8 year old golden retriever, Opie, as pain free as possible with drugs or put him through the amputation. Itwas also hard to know that even with the amputation, the cancer may win in the end anyway.

    I scheduled Opie’s surgery and then cancelled it the day before it was to take place…then two days later, I scheduled it again. I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in pain. I knew he would experience the pain of recovery, but he would be with us, hopefully a bit longer and be pain free after the healing.

    Every pawrent has to try and make the best decision for their dog. Every situation is different, but I can tell you that I am glad I chose the amputation. Opie has recovered so well. He can do all the things he did before. He goes on several shorter walks each day as opposed to one long one, but I think he actually likes that better anyway.

    Ginger will amaze you. Try and keep your composure around Ginger. Dogs feed off of our emotions and if you cry alot in front of Ginger, she may reflect that sadness. Be positive and spoil her with treats and attention and she will surprise you with her resilience. Good Luck. I will be thinking about Ginger on Tuesday–Nancy (Opie’s Mom)

    PS where do you live? I am guessing East coast, USA because of the snow???

  • Carmen

    Hi Ginger’s parents.

    I emphathize totally with your struggle and disbelief and self-doubt. Catie – our 6-year old Golden Retriever (she turned six in November) – had her right front foreleg amputated on Wednesday, January 13.

    And, as others on this site have said – dogs as incredibly resilient creatures. When my husband picked her up on the Friday he phoned me at work to tell me how I would be “amazed by her,” how she pulled the vet attendant on the leash, tail wagging and full of joy, to get to him. She had been in pain throughout the fall and so was somewhat used to hopping around on three legs (her right leg by the time of surgery was quite atrophied from not putting weight on it).

    Be assured that even with three legs, Ginger will still be Ginger and she’ll love you just as she does now with four. Catie is still Catie. Ten days ago she had her first chemo treatment – she continues to thrive. She knows her limitations and is cautious about going downstairs or getting into tight corners where it may be difficult to turn around.

    If it FEELS right in your heart, it IS the right decision. You are giving both Ginger and yourselves more time to spend with one another. And dogs are disconcertingly stoic about pain; she may suffering more than you realize.

    Just keep loving her. I’ll be thinking of you and Ginger on Tuesday and sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery!


  • gingersfolks

    Thanks for all the input guys! We are still anxious and still questioning our decision, but know that it is the best thing for Ginger in the long run. Someone asked our location. We are in PA, the Chester Co. area and have has 4′ of snow in 2 quick storms. We are melting our way out of it now. Ginger (and her brother/litter mate Jack) both love the snow and I have trouble getting them inside after their romps in the backyard snow piles! I sure hope Ginger can still enjoy her snow romps after the surgery. Have a great day all and thanks for your posts.
    randy and Sharon, Gingers folks.

  • Copper's Mom

    I know exactly what you are going through. Copper was diagnosed with osteosarcoma about 3 weeks ago. He is 9 years old. My husband and I have struggled with this every step of the way. After talking to a friend of ours who is a vet, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. He had his left hind leg amputated on 2/16/10. He was able to get around pretty quickly, but is still somewhat unstable. I know it was the right decision though, because he wasn’t using the leg before the surgery, and he was in a lot of pain. I am hoping for many more pain free days once he heals from this. Keep me posted on Ginger. I will be looking for updates. Hang in there.
    Carrie and Tom

  • janeothejungle

    Hoping everything went well for Ginger and wishing her a speedy recovery!!

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